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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do memorials cost?

Depending on the main components of the monument i.e. type of granite used, size, finish, design or carving and the cemetery fees that are specific to your cemetery will vary the cost of your monument. The above factors are taken into consideration for the final cost of the monument and we try to be all-inclusive on price unless you make additions after the contract has been signed. The simplest memorials may start around $250.00and can range upwards to thousands depending on your budget and design.


How long does it take to complete a monument?

Our Monument service is a full time service and our standard delivery time on in stock items is typically a few weeks depending on the complexity of the monument. Due to seasonal limitations and cemetery restrictions during the winter months this may take longer, typically orders placed over the winter months are delivered by Memorial Day. Specialty memorials and markers that are special ordered can take up to six months.  If needed for a special occasion like anniversary or family reunion we can often rush our in stock memorials to meet your specific time frame.

Should I call you first before coming in?

It isn’t necessary to call first but it can be helpful to make an appointment to ensure that someone knowledgeable is here to help you. In an effort to make your visit as productive as possible for you we can also ask you some preliminary questions and be fully prepared for your visit.

Can I order my memorial over the phone or via email?


Do I need to know the lot location?

While it is great if you do know the lot location it is not necessary to have this information. If you have a cemetery deed or other paperwork that you believe might be helpful, feel free to bring it in. If you do not have this information don’t worry we can contact the cemetery all we would need is the deceased name or the lot owner and we can verify the location, any regulations for plot layout or size restrictions.

Does my cemetery have any special rules or guidelines? 

Many cemeteries do have specific rules and regulations and we are current and familiar with all Cemetery laws & regulations in our surrounding area. As each cemetery does have specific rules this would also allow us to narrow down the range of choices to ensure that we are within the proper guidelines of your cemetery.

What if I only need cemetery lettering on a memorial that already exists?

We are a full service monument company and yes we can provide cemetery lettering. We can usually take care of this over the phone. Our craftsmen have portable equipment in order to do work on the existing memorial in the cemetery.  Typically we do not have to remove the memorial but sometimes complex lettering is required and we would then bring the memorial back to our shop to complete the work.

Will the lettering match the old existing lettering?

In an effort to match the existing lettering we will visit the cemetery and take a rubbing of the monument. We then bring the rubbing back to our shop and match the lettering as close as humanly possible.

My lot already has a family monument and individual markers in place. Can I get a new marker that matches?

Yes, the process is similar to that of our lettering service. We will go to the cemetery and locate the family lot, take rubbings and photographs of the memorial and grave markers to duplicate the previous work. We may call you back after seeing the already placed markers should we have any additional questions to ensure that the new work is done in conformity to your wishes.


How long should I wait before purchasing a memorial?

When you feel comfortable to talk about your ideas and are able to make a confident decision, you are ready. There is no set time you should wait as some people are able to make a decision within a few days and others may take months or years. Anyone who attempts to pressure you into a quick decision based only on price, or calls a few days after your family’s funeral and urges you to make a hasty decision, does not have your best interest in mind.

Can I plan ahead and create my memorial now?

Yes you can, as there are a few advantages of pre-planning your memorial. It would relieve the emotional burden from your loved ones. You can select the style, size and color of granite you prefer. You will receive lower costs today as compared with future prices. Pre-planning allows you the opportunity to make your personal statement for history and offers you peace of mind.

What is the difference between Granite and Marble?

Granite is an igneous rock that was once a molten mass called magma. Marble is a granular limestone or dolomite that has been recrystallized under the influence of heat, pressure and aqueous solutions. Therefore Granite is much harder then marble and will not erode over the years unlike marble, which will erode. We use only granite for our memorials not only because of its durability but because marble will not hold up to our areas natural elements.

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